Swiss Offshore Bank Accounts

Swiss Offshore Bank Accounts
Swiss Offshore Bank Accounts service fees


You no longer should you be considered a millionaire to start and run Swiss lender accounts. There is merely a $50 minimum harmony. There are no service fees to Wire profit and low service fees ($15) to transfer funds away. You can transfer profit and out of your consideration without notice.

This Swiss bank gives FREE offshore currency coping in US Us dollars, Euros and Swiss Francs.


o Start a Swiss bank-account online from almost all over the world.

o Guaranteed personal privacy - your details are safely stored.

o Quick access: your cash is always obtainable - no notice required.

o All accounts opened up promptly, usually within seven days.

o Diversification: You can preserve liquidity in three important currencies: Swiss francs, Euros, and US dollars.

o You can cable money in and out from the account to any additional bank account on the planet.

o Free of charge online banking available.

o $50 minimum stability required.

o No minimum amount or maximum withdrawal restrictions.

o Attractive interest levels paid on your bank account on every dollar, euro or dollar.

o THE LENDER is a fully qualified Swiss bank (since 1995) and supervised by the Swiss Federal government Banking Commission.

o Security and safety: You get the safeness and features of a Swiss bank regardless if you are not in Switzerland. All interaction is highly encrypted. Withdrawals only eventually a bank-account in your name.

o No costs for currency dealing or forex dealings.

o Friendly and approachable Swiss lender.

Q1. Where may be the bank located and could it be a genuine Swiss Bank?

A. The lender is a fully accredited Swiss bank (since 1995), supervised by the Swiss Federal government Banking Commission. This can be a Zurich-based Swiss Internet lender.

Q2. How secure is my profit the bank?

A. You acquire the safety and features of a Swiss bank regardless if you are not in Switzerland. All interaction is highly encrypted. Withdrawals only eventually a bank-account in your name. Your cash is secure in Switzerland, especially because of three organizations: the Swiss Government Banking Commission, the Swiss National Lender, and the Swiss Bankers Association. The Swiss Federal government Banking Commission may be the recognized Swiss banking authority, which manages the guidance of Swiss banking institutions. The Swiss National Lender is the central lender of Switzerland. The Swiss Bankers Association may be the established association of Swiss banking institutions.

Q3. Will my banking come to be private?

A. Absolutely, the lender follows Switzerland's classic banking personal privacy embodied by Swiss banking institutions.

Q4. Can I work a corporate or personal profile?

A. Personal accounts just.

Q5. MAY I have a numbered bank account?

A. Regrettably, you cannot include a numbered profile with this bank, but we are able to present you to a lender outside Switzerland, that may start you a numbered bill.

Numbered Accounts information.

Q6. Do I must declare the starting of an offshore bank-account?

A. Zero. You should abide by your domestic law, however in truth, there is little potential for authorities finding such data out unless you want to advise them.

Q7. Which currencies may i hold funds in?

A. US Us dollars, Swiss Francs, or Euros. The lender offers excellent exchange prices.

Q8. What identification carry out I need?

A. All you have to to open the consideration is a debit card. 50 models of your currency will come to be deducted from your own credit card and paid out into your account. That is to verify your identification.

Q9. MAY I run accounts online?

A. Yes.

Q10. How protect is online banking?

A. It is worthwhile pointing out that although there were numerous high- profile scares, by January 2002, there's not been an individual case of an on the net saver losing profits through cyber-fraud. Online banking institutions utilize the latest high-tech online protection. Online banking runs on the selection of security measures to safeguard your account and particulars. One particular security measure is the utilization of secure connections between your laptop and the bank's pc. This calls for both computers exchanging secureness numbers in sequence. Both computers then simply encode and decode their communications. When you close the internet browser, the program is closed and can't be reopened, until you register again. This is secure.

Q11. What's the minimum balance?

A. There is absolutely no minimum equilibrium and there happen to be no minimum amount or maximum withdrawal sums.

Q12. What exactly are the running costs?

A. Swiss banks routinely have premium fees.....but...this Swiss lender has exceptionally low costs - no charges for those who have a lot more than 10,000 Swiss francs/US dollars/Euros. Normally just simply 3 Swiss Francs per month.

Q13. How do you access my money?

A. You can transfer profit and out of your profile to any other bill by Wire. You desire a bank-account in your brand to wire into. That is on your own security. Withdrawals are usually credited back within 24 to 48 hours according to enough time of day your guidelines are received. This is simply not a bank checking account.

Q14. How long does it try open an offshore bill?

A. We can setup an offshore accounts in 24 to 48 hours.

Q15. How many other products is there?

A. There are always a selection of investment products including cost savings and currency working. You can conduct forex transactions in the middle of your accounts by logging on and hitting "Trade Currencies". These transactions happen to be free, and you'll conduct as much as you wish.

Q16. How do i pay?

A. For additional information how to pay just click here

Q17. Which currencies may i pay with?

A. Currently in time we simply accept US Us dollars, GBP Pounds Sterling and Euros for our companies.

Q18. Any kind of other fees?

A. There will be no other opening costs. There are modest service fees if you want to wire money out of your profile ($15 per Cable). There are no working service fees if you have a lot more than 10,000 Swiss francs/US dollars/Euros. Normally simply 3 Swiss Francs per month.

Q19. MAY I live outside Switzerland but still have a merchant account?

A. Yes. Many countries are approved.

Q20. What's the credit history of the lender?

A. The lender has been ranked by both international rating firm, Dun & Bradstreet (D & B), and the Swiss score company, Creditreform. Their D & B rating is 3A1, with a rating of 96 out of 100 (average banking market 77). Their Creditreform ranking is certainly 190 (100 = highest rating, 600 = lowest score).

Q21. MAY I conduct stock-exchange transactions via the lender?

A. No

Q22. WHEN I open an account, may i change the brand of the account brand?

A. For security factors you cannot alter the brand of the account.

Q23. Why do I must make the first of all deposit with my credit rating card?

A. Swiss banking rules require the confident verification of every customer's identity, and by using a credit cards helps serve which means. Please note you will have to be considered a holder of a Visa, Eurocard or Mastercard to purchase this product

Q24. Why can't I produce an opening deposit greater than 50 Swiss francs, 50 Euros, or 50 US Dollars?

A. The lender has set these limitations in discussion with the Swiss Government Banking Commission for secureness and regulatory reasons, also to prevent money laundering.

Q25. Will the Swiss franc remain after the intro of the Euro in 2002?

A. Yes.

Q26. MAY I have my wage directly deposited in my own Account?

A. Yes. Simply tell your company to wire the amount of money directly into your Consideration, using the deposit guidance you will be given.

Q27. Can you really use the Take into account loans? Can I get into debit on my Accounts?

A. No. you can only just withdraw up to the quantity of your present credit balance on your own Account.

Q28. MAY I use a merchant account to pay my expenses?

A. No. Accounts aren't intended for bill spending. You can transfer funds only into among your Withdrawal Accounts (a merchant account in your brand at another bank). You should think about this Swiss gem a nest egg profile.

Q29. Why can't I send out a check or cash?

A. The lender doesn't admit checks or profit order to retain their costs low and for that reason be able to provide you attractive interest levels and advantageous conditions.

Q30. Do I must go to the bank?

A. New Swiss banking rules that arrived to effect July 1, 2001, require customers to seem at the bank personally to verify their identification within 90 days of exceeding a merchant account balance of 500,000 Swiss francs or the same, or depositing a cumulative quantity greater than 500,000 within the period of time of 1 month.


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