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The ‘Brasseries Kronenbourg' case study1 describes the technique of the key company in the beer division of the Danone Group. In this case study examination I will consider the resources, core competencies and sources of competitive advantage that contain shaped Brasseries Kronenbourg's intercontinental strategy.


The resources of Brasseries Kronenbourg are critical in framing the company's approach. Their assets can be best outlined nevertheless a resource audit under the next categories:

Physical – locally (France) the corporation has entry to large breweries capable of producing upwards of twelve million hectolitres2 and in year 1994 invested yet another FF292 , 000, 000 in professional plant and equipment. Also has access to a few international breweries through acquisitions including vacation and Portugal. On the division side locally the company experienced acquired 62 warehouses.

Man – using a shift in focus to automation in the 1980s, the corporation entered a phase of restructuring. Degrees of hierarchy were removed and 570 careers were eliminated. However , the organization has wanted to encourage professional advancement and to develop staff skills through personal training and apprenticeship schemes.

Economical – Brasseries Kronenbourg has a strong balance sheet3 showing significant revenue year on year. The corporation is also has the benefit of getting backed by it is parent group Danone which is described as the 3rd leading foodstuff marketer in Europe.

Intangible – the organization has a product range of twenty eight brands, which includes a diverse profile of mass-market, high-end, specialty and specialized niche (low alcohol/non-alcoholic).

These are the resources available to Brasseries Kronenbourg, however it is the method by which they are put to use that recognizes the main competencies from the company. Key Competencies

The truth study concentrates on the foreign strategy of the Brasseries Kronenbourg company and it is clear to see how come the company hand picked the strategy this did when its core competencies are thought. I would suggest the fact that company's core competencies are based about two primary areas; the expertise active in the manufacture and distribution of beer as well as the brand managing of their merchandise.

Expertise - the company plainly has an proven expertise inside its household market in producing and distributing its product. Research and development, staff restructuring, training programmes and the development of distribution channels have all resulted in a more successful process. The organization knows how to carry out what it does very well and virtually any international approach would seek to be given this reality and make an attempt to transpose this knowledge in a new marketplace.

Brand Administration – the company had a volume of highly good domestic brands that got even attained a reputation internationally while premium brands. The company got also electricity costs with a varied portfolio of brands including upmarket sodas (1664, Gold), non-alcoholic (Tourtel), and low alcohol (Kronenbourg Light). Presentation has been honed through the selling system ‘Pluton', which matches the demonstration of drinks dependant on selling chain, location and conditions. Brasseries Kronenbourg's strategy could clearly have to into consideration it's well developed brand management when viewing international enlargement.

The initial intercontinental strategy was to simply foreign trade the company's high quality products, which in turn had a sufficient margin to cover the high costs of division. However , the Danone Group has its stated objective as being the best or two in every division that operates in, first of all in The european union and then the World. In order to accomplish that aim it was clear that exports by itself would not generate enough quantity to take a significant market share in each nation. As Cafe Kronenbourg acquired the majority of their physical resources in Italy it would be incredibly costly and time consuming to try and enter...

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