Chilean My own Collapse

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Chilean Mine Collapse

Kyle W Case

Gregory Wagner


In August of 2010, a mine in Chile flattened, trapping thirty-three workers inside the mine. The miners only had seventy two hours worth of foodstuff, water, and oxygen. The families of the trapped personnel were not offered much information about the rescue procedure, making the families raise red flags to, and most of those watching the operation. The employees of the organization were requested with rescuing their company workers. The main entrance was blocked away, and the staff are trapped 300 yards underneath the ground. Chilean Acquire Collapse

The Chilean mine collapse manufactured international information in 2010, not simply for the accident on its own, but also for the way in which that it was taken care of. The company did not communicate very well with the mass media, its workers, and most importantly, the families of the trapped workers. Effective communication by company might have prevented the families coming from becoming more raise red flags to than they will already were, knowing their very own family members had been trapped inside.

Everyone involved in this incident, through the trapped personnel, rescue staff, employees, as well as the families of the trapped miners required powerful communication from the company accountable. Imagine your children being within a school exactly where gunmen took hostages, and the school locked down for 2 to three days, and nobody has told you anything about your child. Might you be annoyed? Would you demand more be done? Will you ask for answers?

Big t he Family of the trapped mine workers were one of the most neglected of all. While nobody would have had the capacity to tell them everything that their loved ones were under-going, they wished to be reassured that every thing was being completed save themselves. Making fake promises, and downplaying the incident is not the best method of handling the situation together with the families. Staying honest, but also comforting is the best approach to effectively conversing the situation. Permitting the households know that the workers'...

Recommendations: 1 . BBCNews. com. (2010). Chile Mine Collapse barriers 34 miners.

2 . Hughes, Helen (2010). 33 Trapped Chilean Miners Found In, But Could Be Stuck 4 Months:

Drafted Transactions

To all of the family members with the trapped miners, first of all I want to apologize to all of you for this incident. I would like to be the first one to let you know that anything and everything that you can do to obtain these workers out secure is currently made. Unfortunately we now have no way of communicating with the miners who are caught. We are presently working on establishing some sort of line of connection with these people as well as hoping to get them out, and if required, get them some supplies they may need if this relief operation is going to take longer than we expect it to. All of you may have an open like to me, and my business office. If any kind of you need nearly anything, please tend not to hesitate to leave me find out, and I will perform my better to get it for you personally. Thank you.

Hello members from the media, previous today there were an incident where a few of our miners have been captured in a my very own that we work on. I really do not have each of the answers as to what caused this kind of incident, nor do we know the dimensions of the status of any of the caught workers, even as we do not have any lines of communication create. We are working diligently to ascertain some sort of communication with the trapped personnel, as well as finding away what brought on this incident to occur, and what can be done to stop any further occurrences. Right now our main concentrate is getting to the trapped employees, and taking good care of their families inside their absence. Let me update you as any various other events that happen from this rescue operation as I have them, but for at this point, we have lives to save, that is certainly our key focus.

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