Epistemology: Scientific Method and Understanding

 Essay about Epistemology: Technological Method and Knowledge

Epistemology may be difficult to understand and maybe also harder to state. The brief answer is that epistemology is the theory of knowledge. Perhaps that may be too short associated with an answer, allow me expand. Epistemology is the subset of philosophy that deals with queries concerning the mother nature, scope, and sources of know-how. Even these concepts may be foreign to the common public. The nature of knowledge is basically the qualities that constitute know-how. One would discover this answer by asking " What is knowledge? " The opportunity of knowledge models the limits upon what is know-how and is a belief, hypothesis, or speculate. A person must confirm knowledge. Suppose I produced a completely arbitrary number and I asked you what quantity I was thinking about. If you stated the correct quantity, does which means that you understood what I was thinking? The source of knowledge covers how we achieve our knowledge. Now that we now have established a understanding of epistemology, we can cover a few of the major schools of thought.

As you think about a people reasoning process, some people split a persons thoughts into rational and reasonless. If you are one of these people, you would probably use a deductive method of reasoning. You would also be considered a rationalist. Being a rationalist, you believe that you can know things for certain even if you have never experienced this yourself. If you wanted to find out which target would struck the ground first, when provided two items with different people, you could take what you find out about physics and figure it out without ever having to actually execute the test.

There is another group that uses deductive reasoning yet argue " all ideas trace finally back to experiences, such as perceptions and feelings. " (IEP, par. 2) These are the empiricists. These individuals claimed that if we don't have any kind of experiences, we would have nothing to base our ideas from. Taking a look again at the model above, you will see that we have to know something about the law of gravity. Our ideas on...

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