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 Juggalos twenty-two Essay

п»їDamien Townley

Professor Joe Irvin


English 1102

Telling Hoes who want sex What Generally there Butts Smell Like

Immersing oneself in an unfamiliar setting surrounded by individuals some may consider strange would be a situation by which many would find themselves sense out of place and uncomfortable. Well, what if that unfamiliar environment was a Juggalo gathering by which assorted medicines, topless ladies, rapping, and pro struggling is commonplace and those peculiar individuals are produced adults with their faces colored up just like clowns, calling themselves Juggalos, relentlessly shouting " Whoop Whoop! ” while consuming (or spraying) Faygo Soft drinks, and this merely being the proverbial 'tip of the iceberg'?

Coming from all viewed them about seedy avenue corners and alleyways hitting it using their Juggalo (or Juggalet) homies. But what exactly is a Juggalo? Some freely think of Juggalo's as merely the supporters of The Outrageous Clown Posse. However , if we look to the Insane Clown Posse themselves, who 1st coined the definition of, and are similar to the religious leaders in the Juggalo's, issues 1997 record " The truly amazing Milenko, ” there is in reality a song entitled 'What is a Juggalo? ”. In it, the self created prophets of the Dark Carnival, Violent M and Shaggy 2 Dope, sing " What is a Juggalo? Let me believe for a second, well, wow, he gets butt-naked and after that he moves through the roads, winking by freaks, which has a 2-liter stuck in his butt-cheeks. What is a Juggalo? He merely don't attention, he might make an effort to put a weave in the nut-hair, Because he can give a bang less what a bitch thinks, he'd simply tell her that her booty stinks”.

In these particular words of the tune, the Outrageous Clown Posse, or ICP as their labeled in short, are explaining that those known as Juggalos share the kind of mentality in which they avoid care about society's perceived rules, and will do, act and speak nonetheless they wish, with no caring what others consider them. This philosophy spreads throughout Juggalo lifestyle and was evident in all interviews executed in the producing of this dissertation. This beliefs not only offers little awareness of what others think of them, but as well identifies the Juggalos since outside of the status-quo. This all pertains to the Juggalos within our present world, but its a somewhat diverse story inside the Juggalos natural habitat, Juggalo gatherings, particularly The Gathering of the Juggalos.

At the gross annual Gathering of the Juggalo's, kept right here in southern Illinois since 3 years ago, Juggalos come down upon Cave-In-Rock from all over the country. In this atmosphere, those individuals who also in our society may be considered bizarre, in shape rite in, as deformity is the tradition in this anarchistic, temporary community. In an event that may bring extreme anxieties from an outsider participating, including the anxiety about being met with violence, it can be moderately astonishing the amount of take pleasure in and popularity one is approached with. The entire thing is known as a truly electric power experience, together with the gathering taking on a life of its own, the audience getting as much an integral part of the festivals as the artists preforming there, including ICP themselves.

From a bunch whose supporters often (jokingly) spout away stories of tongue-in-cheek physical violence, and who also themselves include such words as " Showed up at the high school prom, with a great axe during my mother-fucking side, And I hopped out the initially date swinging, necks and backs went flinging, and a bottom. I gone psychopathic, cutting throats with a hatchet. Because they try to get me, therefore i take a brain with me” it can be astonishing to hear text messages of things such as love and acceptance come from the same business. With lyrics like these you can actually see why they can be so resented by father and mother and not necessarily featured on mainstream press outlets such as radio.

From the outside, Juggalos are looked at with mistrust as freaks and outcasts who have on strange outfits and listen to violent, lousy music, also being branded by the FBI as a lawbreaker gang on a national level equivalent to regarding the Crypts or Serum....

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