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" Olaudah Equiano, the Photography equipment " Gentleman”

Olaudah Equiano was a slave in the middle to late 18th Century, albeit an educated 1. His claim to fame was your biography he himself published entitled " The Interesting Narrative with the Life of Olaudah Equiano” and published by membership in the year 1789 just 8-10 years just before his death. Included in the story were the statements that he was abducted in Africa along with his sister when he involved ten years aged. Yet record recounts a different tale. At times fiction is stranger than fact.

In the book Olaudah writes that he was born in the small town of Ibo near the Niger River in West Africa. It seems Olaudah was fated to be a chief or a great elder when ever fate twisted cruelly. Slave traders kidnapped Olaudah and his sister, separated them and sold Olaudah to Uk traders and carried him by servant ship to America. An area planter purchased Olaudah in 1756 and sold him to Jordan Henry Pascal who had taken him to England in 1757.

Background tells another type of story totally, his baptism record and Royal Navy muster rotate indicate having been born in South Carolina in 1745 sometime later it was purchased by Pascal who had been an Police officer in the Uk Navy. It is not argued that Pascal required Olaudah to England only the circumstances encircling his birth and the instances of his introduction to slavery.

Olaudah, was renamed Gustavus Vassa by Pascal and sent him to school working in london, where Equiano learned to see and publish. Olaudah also served with Pascal in the British Navy blue where he was denied the prize funds promised every sailors on ship and additional cheated of the freedom that Pascal guaranteed.

Pascal sold Olaudah back into captivity in the West Indies in 1762 where a Quaker merchant via Philadelphia known as Robert California king bought him and allowed Olaudah to engage in his individual trading organization, with which he was finally able to purchase his freedom from King pertaining to the equivalent of $3000. 00 simply by today's criteria on Come july 1st 11, 1766.

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