Essay about Orcon

Selecting the solution for EIS.

Ablai Gazizov - 1124953

Ahmed Mahdy - 0962354

Rutchirate Srihanan- 0300636

Sivanjani Narain -- 0940680

Raishum Aleem -- 0702011

Ablai Gazizov -- 1124953

Ahmed Mahdy - 0962354

Rutchirate Srihanan- 0300636

Sivanjani Narain - 0940680

Raishum Aleem - 0702011

| 19 September 2012

Enterprise Data Systems

Session 2, 2012

Enterprise Information Systems

Term 2, 2012


Project Description3


Company Background3

Proper Direction & Objectives4

Overview of Requirements for ERP system5


Must Assessment8

Want Assessment10

Alternative Opportunities11

Risk and Threat Analysis13

Conclusion of Action14



Individual Contribution18

Accounting & Finance– Sivanjani Narain - 094068018

Material Management – Rutchirate Srihanan 030063621

Development Planning – Ahmed Mahdy - 096235424

Sales & Distribution –Ablai Gazizov - 112495328

Recruiting – Raishum Aleem - 070201131


This statement is an analysis in Orcon Limited which will be used to adopt an Enterprise Details System which will support the current and future tactical direction. That consists of the subsequent four areas:

SECTION A- Project statement format

This section will ideally highlight the research and elimination our team will go through in order to achieve a solution. As a group effort, it will also touch basic on the wide-ranging vision and direction from the company with relevance for the purpose of this kind of project. SECTION B – Corporate information and requirements

As a group this section will assess the business' current market position and future strategic direction. The topic will finally result in a obvious vision of what the business will hope to achieve later on and give each member a construction from which they can determine accurate and ethical functional requirements. Each individual will then complete a Kepner Tregoe Research which consists of ‘musts' and ‘wants' particular to their main or competence using the standards established inside the group and report backside. This will become consolidated into the summary of requirements pertaining to the EIS adoption. Following our detailed analysis within the requirements with the system, our team will then separated into smaller teams and analysis possible prospects based on the agreed requirements. This will always be summarized and shared therefore each individual may have an idea of the EIS to produce a sound decision and evaluation. SECTION C- KT Analysis for prospect solutions

Section C will probably be complied simply by Ablai Gazizov and will incorporate following information: must analysis, want research, alternative possibilities, risks/threats/shortcomings of possible prospects, and the conclusion of our actions. Together, this section will make in the largest portion of our report and close. SECTION Deb – Appendix

Will consist of the appointment minutes. It will also include each individual contribution which has been allocated based upon majors and expertise according to below: Ablai Gazizov – Sales & Marketing

Ahmed Mahdy – Project Administrator & Development Planning

Sivanjani Narain – Finance & Accounting

Rutchirate Srihanan – IT & Materials Administration

Raishum Aleem – Hrm

Project Information

The purpose of this kind of project should be to provide a consultancy service to the consumer Orcon Ltd, which requires implementation of any new EIS system to better manage it is business features. Orcon can be one of Fresh Zealand's most effective growing telecoms company. The objective is to conduct a thorough analysis and identify which EIS will best meet and succeed you�re able to send future proper direction and initiatives. The proposal will present an accurate and thorough analysis and analysis to determine the right solution for the...

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