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Titles are supposed to be a method of discovering someone or something and giving it meaning and electricity. All thoroughout time a name has

possibly equated to respect to get deeds accomplished, horror intended for attrocities fully commited, or disdain for the hours that name equates with a sloth

broken who just sits for the couch and watches re runs of Battlestar Galactica. Which enables of course deal with facts the sole beautiful girls on

that display are getting rid of spree hefty cyborgs. Again on the theme, great treatment should be presented when identifying. That is except if you're a veteran of

Woodstock and smoked more Marijuana than Wiz Khalifa in Amsterdam. Then you term your kid singing flowers or strawberry sunshine, thus

dooming these to virgininty till their eighteenth birthday when they can legally change their particular name. Therefore , great attention must be pressured when

attempting to identity such an daunting Rubber ni... I mean system. In the realm of the bolt actions, magazine given, 30 round magazine, gas

controlled, shoulder fired Chuck Norris approved M16, the utter devastation this weapon may cause must have a title installing of its gregarious

nature. Therefore I have decided to name my own rifle Kim Kardashian. For the lady spits and sprays deadly obscenities and is also responsible for destroying

various a mans life. While still and unmoving, Kim is usually beautiful and audacious. Yet anger her and she will lay spend like an all night

Showmanship Kegger with Robert Robert downey Jr. invited to that. This great item of weaponry with an even more notorious name is like a sacred

prize that should be accounted for and respected such as a pretentious grandparent. One ought to maintain track of Kim like a guy dating a girl

far too hot intended for him with copious levels of male friends. The mistreatment and overlook of such a award can only become met with swift and

inexorable rights. How could Aircraft Li not really be a Kung Fu Tale if this individual forgot his special effects team? How could Barrack enact Obamacare

with no Good Idea Fairy...

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