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Drive 25th, 2014

Poetry paper final copy

Travis McCoy feat Moro Mars " Billionaire”

I wanna become a billionaire and so fucking poor

Buy each of the things I never had

Uh, I actually wanna land on the cover of Forbes magazine

Smiling next to Oprah as well as the Queen

Oh yea every time My spouse and i close my own eyes

I see my name in shining lighting yeah

Another type of city each night alright

We swear the world better prepare

For the moment I'm a billionaire

[Travis " Travie" McCoy]

Yep I would possess a show like Oprah

I would be the host every day Christmas

Give Travie the wish list

I'd likely pull an Angelina and Brad Pitt

And adopt a lot of babies that ain't under no circumstances had shit

Give away a couple of Mercedes just like 'Here female have this'

And lastly grant a person their last wish

Easy methods to a couple months that I've been one so

You can call me Travie Claus minus the Ho Ho

' ha get it? I'd most likely visit exactly where Katrina hit

And darn sure do a lot more than FEMA did

Yeah, aren't forget about myself, stupid

Almost everywhere I get, Imma include my own motif music

Wow every time I actually close my own eyes (what you observe what you observe brah? ) I see my personal name in shining lighting (uhuh uhuh yeah what else? )

A different city every night alright

I swear the world better prepare (for what? )

For once I'm a billionaire

Oh oooh oh yea oooh for when Now i am a billionaire

Oh oooh oh oooh for once I'm a billionaire

[Travis " Travie" McCoy]

Soon we will be playing hockey with the Leader

Dunking in the delegates

After that I'll compliment him on his political social grace

Toss a few milli up just for the heck of it

But keep your fives, twenties, tens and bens entirely separate And yeah I'll be in a totally new tax racquet

We in recession although let me have a crack for it

Items probably have whatever's still left and just divide it up

Therefore everybody which i love may have a couple dollars

And not just one tummy around me would know what hungry was

Consuming good, sleeping soundly

I know we all possess a similar fantasy

Go in your pocket, pull out your finances

And put that in the air and sing

[Bruno Mars]

We wanna become a billionaire and so fucking bad (so bad)

Buy each of the things We never experienced (buy anything ha ha)

Uh, We wanna land on the cover of Forbes magazine

Grinning next to Oprah as well as the Queen (what up Oprah)

Oh each and every time I close my eyes, (watch ya find, what you see brah? ) I see my own name in shining signals, (uh right, uh huh, what otherwise? ) A different sort of city every night, oh We

I claim the world better prepare (for what? )

For when ever I'm a billionaire

Wow oooh oh yea oooh the moment I'm a billionaire

Wow oooh oh oooh

I actually wanna be a billionaire thus fucking awful!

This can be my favorite track called " Billionaire”. This can be a song based on a point of views depending on person who listens to this. This songs tries to make clear several things which can be very different from one another. One important simple truth is that the music is created and sung by two very different designers who have several music designs and strategies to see or interpret this is of the music they sing in different elements. Everything that is said in this song makes sense and it is also a sort of criticism for the society we live in today. What we can anticipate from this tune, is a description of what is happening in society related to the dreams of people. These distinct ideas are being sung by different artists with this song, helping to make more impression due to the music style every single singer uses in their music. To understand this is that music artists give to their song, it really is useful to evaluate the entire song and each of its stanzas. In the 1st stanza, which can be sung by simply Bruno Roter planet (umgangssprachlich), he is referring to being popular and generating a lot of money. Today, all of us desire to be that person, it is therefore a kind of dream he would like to achieve to be famous and stay calm shopping for all the things and worries which may have always been with him in the life. After reading this stanza, we can suppose that he comes from the bottom and he really wants to achieve a lots of more things anytime, using...

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