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Working Station: prism technologies nepal

AddressKathmandu Nepal

Contact Phone No . +9779813365664

[email protected] com

Marital Statussingle



Date of Birth1993, might 4

Different languages of communication English, Nepali, Hindi

Educational and specialist qualifications

|Year |Qualification |Faculty/University |Achievements |Remarks | |2011 |Practitioners |University of Fribourg, |Obtained a qualification of |Week 1: Theories and concepts of decentralisation and | | |Course on Neighborhood |Switzerland |the course; |local governance; kinds of local governance in different | | |Governance and | |Presented Nepal's proposed |country contexts; | | |Decentralisation |(Institute of Federalism) |structure of the Neighborhood |governance, expansion and decentralisation; and the | | | | |Governance and Its |perspective of international actors when ever supporting | | | | |Opportunities and Challenges|decentralisation processes. | | | | | |Week 2: Rural creation; fiscal decentralisation, | | | | | |corruption and liability; decentralisation and | | | | | |conflict resolution; and environment and natural resources. | |2005-2009 |PhD |Humanities and Social |Awarded with research |Topic: Conflict Caused Migration in Nepal (A Social | |(4 years) | |Sciences |fellowship coming from Social |Inclusion Perspective) | | | |(Central Section of |Inclusion Research Account |Main assert of the examine: | | | |Population Studies, |(SIRF) in 2006 |Displaced people have been excluded via various guidelines | | | |Tribhuvan University, | |and programs of the two government and non-government | | | |Kirtipur, Kathmandu) | |sectors. Lack of skill among the stakeholders is | | | | | |another trouble observed actually after the ingredients of the | | | | | |IDP plan in 2007. | | | | | |There is no apex body but formulated to create all the | | | | | |stakeholders with each other and have talk on the problems of | | | | | |IDPs, which may at least identify the difficulties of IDPs, and| | | | | |contribute to formulation/amendments in the existing | | | | | |polices and action plans. | |2007 |Diploma |University of Fribourg,...

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