Qantas Case Study

 Essay about Qantas Example

Case study: Quantas

Topic 1- operations

Function of operations management

has contributed most right to business income

employs normally the majority of the work resources

cadre most directly with the organization customer/client;

Tactical Role of Operations Supervision

The operations allow quantas to achieve long term survival.

the scheduling, cancelling or rescheduling of travel arrangements

the monitoring and response to an professional dispute

the reallocation of labour to pay absences in key areas

Cost leadership

To use minimal amount of inputs to supply one device of outcome. Some techniques are: Financial systems of Range

Standardisation- The greater variations to Oantas' companies = more expensive Technology- getting rid of the need for Oantas staff to become available to user interface the customer Squander Minimisation- offer the lowest creation cost

Difference of Product/service

the most thorough domestic and international coverage

Qantas includes comfort based features just like skybeds, particular menus, lounges, online examine

Interdependence with Other Key Organization Functions

Individual resources- Schooling and expansion + Recruitment of staff Finance -- monitors, data, and analyses the economical transactions Marketing- connects functions with the client by providing marketplace requirements

Impact on on Quantas's operations


Starting new airlines= cost minimisation needed

moral and social

Health surveillance program- place of work conditions monitored water conservation,


Modern planes, newer operational processes = fresh training

Authorities policies

Deregulation and the carbox tax sama dengan higher costs

the Good Work Take action = more pro employee which has elevated Qantas' operating costs Environmental impacts

Purchasing new, eco sensitive aircraft,

Fuel conservation- a trigeneration energy system decreases power consumption

Operations procedures

a. Advices

Changed Resources

Changing Resources

the resources which are improved by the businesses processes Materials- fuel + paper

Information- statistics & transactions

Customers – clients are transferred

resources which in turn effect the alterations in the operations process Individual Resources- employees and staff

Facilities- fatal buildings + holdings,


Customer service refers to how very well quantas satisfies the requires of their customers. It provides feedback, anticipations and supports continuous improvements/.

c. Transformation operations

a. Volume- Quantas techniques millions of people around the world

b. Selection – Quantas provides a variety of services, countrywide and worldwide services c. Variation- Quantas's demand may possibly increase during school getaways and easter. d. Visibility- the customer is able to see the workings during working time and there is also a high customer interaction

m. Sequencing and scheduling

The goal to have products out as fast as possible.

Quantas uses application to help routine the time among flights, vehicle repairs and down time. In addition , this automates the complete process therefore there are less time.

Technology, job design and process design

Technology- elevated productivity by simply replacing individual capital and automation, e. g. on the net checking Techniques occur in the terminal, flugzeughalle and protection area. The method layout is where devices and equipment are assembled. (eliminates bottlenecks + will save you time0

Operations strategies

Efficiency objectives

Quality- transactions should be accurate

Speed- Customers should be processed quickly (reduce waiting time) Dependability- The services must be dependable

Flexibility- Quantas must be capable to change and react to marketplace changes. Cost- Processes has to be efficient,

New product design and development

Quantas has released 2 fresh airlines in the Asia pacific area to take advantage of the growth. QUantas constantly improvements services or processes in order to main competitive and lucrative.

Supply chain managements

This can be the controlling from the flow of...

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