Sociology - The Comparative Technique

 Essay about Sociology -- The Comparative Method

Sociology The Comparative Technique

Sociologists have got embraced what is known as the comparative method while the

most effective way to show taken-for-granted 'truths' or regulations that people

include adopted. But you may be wondering what is this comparison method and exactly how does it work?

Any kind of advantages/disadvantages to exposing these types of false 'truths'.

What forms or different versions of the comparative method can be found? In the pages to

comply with I will try to give you a few insight and understanding of what the

comparative method is, and how functions.

The comparative technique, simply put, is the process of contrasting two things

(in our case societies, or maybe the people that constitute society) and seeing in the event that

the result of the comparison displays a difference between your two. The

comparative method attempts to dereify (the process of revealing

misinterpreted best practice rules. Norms that society consider natural and inevitable

features of human existence) reified (the man created rules or

'truths') beliefs.

Clearly there are various ways in which a nomi (a tagged, sometime

made, norm or perhaps truth) can be exposed. Which in turn form of acceptable

method should certainly one work with however? The response, whichever one applies to the

'truth' involved. For example , you certainly would not start a cross-gender

sort of comparison should you wished to reveal whether or not homosexuality has

been feared and looked down upon by simply most people throughout history.

Not any, rather you would perform a traditional comparison of several

different societies to see if these beliefs constantly existed, or perhaps, whether or perhaps

not this is certainly a newly constructed opinion.

Let's check out little more strongly at the above mentioned historical

evaluation and see how a comparative method works with a unique example.

You cannot find any question that in today's traditional western society there exists a lot of dread

and trepidation towards people who find themselves labeled 'homosexual'. The question

we will attempt to resolve however is actually or not really it has always been like

this and is this a general truth.

In ancient Greek communities people had a very different thoughts and opinions of men that

rested with guys. For example , it was considered a massive honor for any family

with a young boy under the age of 10, to be given the privilege on an older

man of high culture taking all their son into his property. The young boy would venture

and experience this older man. The older guy would have sexual with the fresh

boy frequently until the youngster developed hair on your face. It was not really

until then that the youngster was considered a man. Contemporary society thought that an older

mans, of big reputation, semen would help the boy turn into a fine

child. Once the son developed the facial hair, the sex involving the two

will stop. The older man's job was finished. Naturally this would be

deemed an atrocious and revolting act these days. The older man in

this case would certainly go to imprisonment for the 'crimes' that he had determined.

However , in Ancient Portugal this was not simply considered correctly normal,

but as I previously stated, it was an honor and a great gift that not just about every boy was

'lucky' enough to be provided. Therefore , we are able to conclude out of this comparison

that homophobia, as you may know it, is not a normal truth, nor is it a

universal opinion. Rather it is just a socially built belief that numerous

people have taken for granted as a great inevitable part of human lifestyle.

It is important at this time to clarify something even so. It is said

which the role with the sociologist can be described as descriptive a single as opposed to a

prescriptive a single. That is to say the sociologist should certainly describe the

various methods, customs and structures that exist in various societies

rather than suggest to people what type is actually the right belief or perhaps

the 'real' truth.

Cross-gender comparisons is yet another commonly used comparison used to uncover

socially constructed truths. In Carol Gilligan's...

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