Analyzing Pleasantville: Racial Discrimination, Personal Freedom and Love

 Analyzing Pleasantville: Racial Discrimination, Personal Freedom and Love Research Paper


By: Pooja Maharaj

In a famous fifties movie known as Pleasantville, there have been many topics being presented which includes ethnic discrimination, personal freedom and love. This movie offered many other themes like chauvism, sexism, sex, and so on. However in this essay I must state only three themes. In the following paragraphs there would be an index of this well-known movie and descriptions from the themes above.

David and Jennifer are mixed twins that enroll in the same secondary school. Jennifer is principally concerned with her appearance, interactions and popularity whilst David wrist watches a lot of TV, features very few friends and is socially awkward. One day, their mom leaves Jennifer and David alone at your home while she heads out of town for a day with her younger man. When your woman leaves, the twins begins to deal with over the downstairs TV mainly because Jennifer desires to watch a great MTV live show with her boyfriend Tag Davis, although her buddy, David, desires to watch the marathon of Pleasantville. Pleasantville is a black-and-white 1950's sitcom which is a cross between " Leave it to Beaver” and " Daddy Knows Best” that centers around the idyllic Parker family George, his wife Betty, and their two children, Bud and Mary Drag into court. During the combat between David and Jennifer, the remote control breaks as well as the TV can't be turned on manually. A moment afterwards, a mystical TV repairman shows up unwanted, and quizzes David on Pleasantville before giving him a strange-looking, retro-styled distant. Soon after he leaves, David and Jennifer continue struggling. However , nevertheless some device that was located on to the distant, David and Jennifer gets transported in the television, ending up in the Parkers' black and white-colored Pleasantville living room. David tries to purpose with the repairman, who can communicate with them through the Parkers' Television set, but this individual only succeeds in running after him aside. David and Jennifer must now imagine they are, correspondingly, Bud and Mary Sue Parker. However while staying in...

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