The Effect of Calcium on Plant Development

 Essay about The Effect of Calcium about Plant Development

п»ї2013 Scientific research Research Project:

The Effect of Calcium in Plant Progress

Problem Statement

What impact do several amounts (0 mg, 300 mg, six-hundred mg) of Calcium included in Vigna unguiculata (black eyed pea plants) once a week have on the overall growth (height, number of leaves, number of pods) over a one month period of time? Research Hypothesis

In the event various quantities (0 mg, 300 mg, 600 mg) of Calcium mineral are included in Vigna unguiculata (black eyed pea plants) once a week, after that those crops receiving three hundred mg of Calcium could have a greater overall growth (height, number of leaves, number of pods) over a one month period of time. Null Hypothesis

The different amounts of Calcium added to Vigna unguiculata (black eyed pea plants), may have no influence on their overall growth (height, number of leaves, number of pods) over a one month period of time. Variables

Test Parameters:

Amount of Calcium

Final result Variables:


Number of leaves


Plant life receiving zero mg of Calcium

Variables Held Frequent

Same form of cup

Same size of glass

Same type of soil

Equivalent soil

Same type of water

Same amount of water

Same sort of seeds

Same number of seed products

Same depth of seeding

Same number of drain slots

Same amount of sun light

Same model of tablets

Same measurement gadgets


3 aluminum cooking trays

Thirty-six 452. 8 g (16 oz . ) cups

one particular tack

you bag of soil

one particular pack of Calcium tablets, 600 magnesium each

one particular pencil

Dark eyed peas

Two 1 gallon containers or bottles

1 managed to graduate cylinder or measuring glass


one particular composition notebook computer (to be used as a sign book)


1 . Take one of the lightweight aluminum baking plastic trays and label it 0 mg. Reserve for later. installment payments on your Take 12 452. 8 g (16 oz . ) cups and label these people 1 – 0mg through 12 – 0mg. a few. Using a tack, poke 1 hole in the center of the bottom and 4 openings around every single cup – See picture 1 some. Fill every single cup with 367. being unfaithful g (13 oz . ) of planting soil/mix.

your five. Using the eraser end of the pencil, stick 2 holes up to the material band into the soil (poke the initial hole within the far area of the soil and the second hole seite an seite from the 1st on the other side – See plan 2). Each hole must be about 2 . 5 centimeter deep. 6th. Fill each hole with 1 dark eyed pea.

7. Cover the slots by lightly shaking the cup before the holes are covered with soil (you actually may need to make use of your hand to gently level the soil). 8. Place each glass onto the tray marked 0 magnesium.

9. Consider another one of the aluminum baking trays and label this 300 magnesium. Set aside at a later time. 10. Take twelve 452. 8 g (16 oz . ) cups of and labeled them one particular – 300mg through 12 – 300mg. 11. Do it again steps a few through six for this group of cups.

12. Place every single cup upon the holder labeled 300 mg.

13. Take the previous aluminum baking try and labeled it 600 mg. Schedule for later. 16. Take the last twelve 452. 8 g (16 oz . ) cups and label them you – 600mg through 12 – 600mg. 15. Replicate steps several through six for this set of cups.

sixteen. Place each cup on to the rack labeled six hundred mg.

seventeen. Using a managed to graduate cylinder or measuring glass, measure away 50 milliliters of water and dump it over the soil in the cup labeled 1 – 0mg. 18. Repeat for each and every cup in each group.

19. Build a data table to be accustomed to hold the data that will be gathered. 20. Record the day in your sign when the seed were 1st planted and watered. twenty-one. For the first five days of the experiment, permit the plants to germinate by watering these 50 cubic centimeters of normal water everyday. Within a chart or data desk, mark the morning of the experiment that each herb started to germinate. 22. On the eighth time, use a metric ruler (or measuring tape) to measure the growth height of each plant in cms. Record the heights for the data stand. 23. Following, count the quantity of leaves for each and every plant. Record these numbers on the data table. twenty-four. Count the quantity of pods, in the event that any. Record these quantities on the data table. 25. Take 12 600 mg Calcium tablets (7, 2 hundred mg total), or you tablet for every single plant inside the 600 mg group. Smash up the tablets. 26. Serve 600 ml of water into a 1 gallon jug or jar, or 55...

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