The Red Grupo

 Essay about The Reddish Panda

Tamara Rudić

Magenta 2

April 25, 2013

The Reddish Panda

Ailurus fulgens (lat. )

The latin name roughly says „The perfect cat", yet people often get it incorrect for a fox, and some don't even discover why is it known as panda at all when it's nothing like the Giant panda we're all utilized to. Classification:

Kingdom: Animalia Family: Ailuridae

Phylum: Chordata Genus: Ailurus

Class: Mamalia Varieties: Fulgens

Order: Carnivora

What is it?

Amazingly, its relatives are raccoons, skunks, and weasels. The red grupo was previously categorized in the families of Procyonidae (raccoons) and Ursidae (bears) just before getting a unique family. They have two subspecies: Western crimson panda and Styan's crimson panda. The differences are mainly hues of the hair, shape of the skull, plus the area of habitation. Natural Environment:

The red content quality google is usually present in the area from the eastern Himalayas and Sw China, for the altitude between 2 . two hundred – 5. 800m, and it prefers places together with the temperature of 10˚ - 25˚ C (It can't stand higher temperatures). Usually, they will live eight – 10 years. Physical qualities:

Length of the body system can be as extended as 64cm, and the tail up to 60cm. It's a bit larger than a domestic cat (They lick their particular fur, too). The crimson panda weighs around 6kg. The hair is reddish brown, and black around the lower parts of the body. The face has similar badges like a raccoon, and the legs are short and black. It also had a fake thumb, like the big panda. Diet:

Its main food source is bamboo bedding, because it cannot digest celulose. Usually, that they eat 5kg of bamboo sheets leaves and 4kg of bamboo shoots per day. If perhaps bamboo is definitely not available, they will survive in birds, little mamalls, fruits and fruits. Conservation position:

It is noticeable vulnerable. Currently, there are about 10. 000 individuals inside the wild. There are a couple of factors they are proclaimed vulnerable: harvesting from the crazy, competition with the domestic animals, and mainly,...

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