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The Wine of Astonishment - LITERATURE RECORDS


2. Born in Toco, Trinidad

* Delivered in 1935

* Put in most of his early years along with his maternal grandparents in Tobago * He was an avid visitor

* This individual currently lives in Trinidad and Tobago

5. His interests in life are cricket and football


*  While God's will be Falling, 1964

* The Schoolmaster, late 1960s

* The Dragon Won't be able to Dance, 1978

* The Wine of Astonishment, 1982

5. Jestina's Calypso and Other Tales, 1984

* Growing in the Dark, the year 2003

* Is Just a Movie, credited for newsletter in August 2010 on


The book is about Avoi and Bee Dorcas, people of the Spiritual Baptist Chapel. It is of the experiences of being persecuted because of their religious holding and the trust that they have in Ivan Morton to change their situation. The character Bolo is usually at the cutting edge of this story because he embodies the result of not being able to be a guy in a culture that does not view being Dark-colored as important.


Period / Place:

* The story is set over a 20 year time frame, 1932 – 1951 2. Set in a tiny, remote village in Trinidad called Bonasse Political composition:

* Trinidad was still a colony within the British Empire

* Trinidad was ruled under the Top Colony program – Brain of Point out in England governed the island via the Governor, who was his or her rep * Political power, therefore , lay in the governor, aided by a Authorities * Common adult suffrage (right of adults to vote) would not occur to Trinidad until 1946. * Power still place in the hands of those whom owned plantations and these people, in turn, handled the instruments of electric power; the legislature, the process of law and the authorities. Economy:

* The economy was still mainly agricultural; sugar, cocoa, coffee, coconuts and citrus. * The petroleum industry was just beginning make an influence. � 2. Subsistence farming (production of foodstuff for domestic use) was the tradition * World War II led to the establishment of yankee bases, which usually introduced opportunity to earn money * WW II also presented a consumer attitude to life in Bonasse� Social structure:

* Trinidad boasted a really diverse Creole society filled by a variety of ethnic organizations (Indian, Dark, Chinese, White), each with its own cultural and religious practices. 5. Trinidad was still being a series of little villages linked by a network of small roads, hence, travel between villages was infrequent Religion:

5. The protagonists in the novel are Psychic Baptists/ Shouter Baptists 2. This religious beliefs arose away of a blend of Protestant Christianity and African Orisha elements 5. The religious beliefs was outlawed in 1917 on the grounds that they will disturbed the peace using their bell ringing, loud vocal singing and very expressive behavior during worship. *  See video clip of Spiritual Baptist in Grenada at the bottom of this page. �


Eva Dorcas:

* The wife of Bee Dorcas and mother to 5 kids

* The girl with the mental support for her husband

* She is a very good Christian

5. The story is definitely told through her eyes (1st person narrator) * She is affected person and lengthy suffering

Bee Dorcas:

2. Eva's partner and father of her 5 children

* Pastor of the Shouter Baptist house of worship in the text

* He can a strong Christian

* He's considered to be the pillar of the community

5. He is very wise, patient and lengthy suffering

2. He is very persistent, because seen in his lobbying pertaining to Ivan Morton * Shoulder muscles his responsibilities well and view these people as a burden Bolo:

5. Local stick fighting safe bet

* Initially precious and adored by the community, seen as a hero/warrior figure 2. Was jailed for three years for protecting his mom, and the cathedral, during a police raid in the Shouter Baptist church * Later becomes the dread of the community because of just how he teased every-one...

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